1991 Toyota MR2 Undefined

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Rizaan Jappie of ,

General Vehicle Information


 449,878  KILOMETERS


Exterior Color

Interior Color


cylinder ( l)

Engine S/N



Transmission S/N

Purchase Information

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Purchased From

not disclosed

Purchase Price

not disclosed

Operational Summary

Est Cost Per Kilometer

$ 0.5988

Average Fuel Usage


  • Maintenance & Repair History
    Date Odometer Vendor Service(s) Receipt?
    04/28/2010 55400 kilometers GSR Change Engine Coolant
    Change Fuel Filter
    Change Oil & Filter
    Change Spark Plugs
    Clean Fuel Injectors
    Emissions Inspection
    Inspect Battery
    Inspect Brakes
    Inspect Cooling System

    Total Maintenance & Repair Cost: $2,000.00

  • Tire History
    Date Odometer Vendor Service(s) Receipt?
    04/28/2010 55450 kilometers HiQ Flat Repair
    04/28/2010 55400 kilometers HiQ Alignment - Four Wheel

    Total Tires Cost: $275.00

  • Parts & Accessories History
    Date Odometer Vendor Part(s) Receipt?
    04/28/2010 55600 kilometers Suburban Performance / Handling: Fuel Pump
    Performance / Handling: Lowering Kit
    Performance / Handling: Warning Lights

    Total Parts & Accessories Cost: $2,500.00

  • Fuel History
    Date Odometer Quantity Grade Vendor Receipt?  
    04/28/2010 55540 kilometers 55.000 Liters 95 Engen

    Total Fuel Cost: $7.30

  • Payment History
    Date Type Recipient Receipt?  
    04/28/2010 Insurance Payment Mutual and Federal

    Total Payment Cost: $315.00